January 20, 2021

National Cheese Lovers Day

Are you ready to ‘havarti’ a ‘gouda’ time, because it’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! Have you ever wondered how the first human discovered cheese? We’ve wondered that too, and we’ll probably never find out. All we know is that it was love at first bite; when the first human tasted the salty, tangy, delicious goodness of cheese, they were hooked. […]
January 7, 2021

Brunch is Back, Fools!

It’s been a long winter and it’s only January 7th! We are thrilled to welcome our brunch menu back this weekend and can’t wait to see you! What are you most excited to eat this weekend? I’ve got my eye on the pomegranate mimosa and pretzel! Bloody Mary Menu MARDI GRAS………………………………………………………… colossal cajun shrimp, olives, fresh lemon + old bay […]
January 1, 2021

Superstitious? What to eat (and not eat) on New Year’s Day.

Throughout the ages and in every culture, there are customs and superstitions linked to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. In this country, bubbles are considered good luck, so imbibers toast the new year with champagne. A piece of gold jewelry placed in your glass supposedly promises wealth, so many packs a bauble. Those we kiss at midnight are […]
December 20, 2020

History of Gingerbread Cookie

When you google, ‘Most popular Christmas dessert”, did you know gingerbread is the first thing that comes up? I had no idea! It’s been a minute since I gave you a history lesson on food and I thought I’d end the year with the history of gingerbread! There is so much information on where this little guy comes from but […]
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