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What You Can Do to Support Middletown, DE During COVID-19

During these challenging times, it’s crucial to support those in your community. Here are some practical ways to do so:

  • Grocery shop for your elderly neighbor: There are plenty of people right in your neighborhood who need help, too. If you are healthy and willing to brave empty shelves and potentially longer waits, you can help them get the food and supplies they need to ride out this tumultuous time. You can connect with neighbors via NextDoor or do it the old fashioned way and knock on doors to see if some of the elderly folks need help. If you do decide to go the in-person route, be sure to follow proper social distancing procedures and wash your hands before and after you drop goods at their door.
  • Shop small at local small businesses: Many experts agree the current pandemic is likely to cause some kind of significant economic impact. Some predictions are dire, while others are more measured, but small businesses are going to be hit the hardest. With the closure of many restaurants, bars, gyms, and other non-essential businesses for an undisclosed length of time, small business owners are increasingly strapped for cash, and their employees are already facing unemployment, or at the very least reduced earnings.

  • Foster a homeless pet: Pet shelters have been hit particularly hard. Many are asking for help with fosters as their staff and volunteers increasingly shelter themselves at home. For the record, the CDC has said that your pet can’t get or give you COVID-19, despite the rumors. If you have been thinking of fostering or adopting a pet, there’s no better time than now. Many local shelters (like Paws for Life & Mid Atlantic and Delaware SPCA-Newark) offer online applications and are desperate for help.
  • Order food delivery (or curbside pickup) from your favorite place — Tom Foolery’s: Just because bars and restaurants are closed to in-house dining, doesn’t mean you can’t get your Buffalo Wing fix on. In fact, delivery & pickup is currently the only way that restaurants and their employees are making any money right now. We still have our everyday specials going on plus Chef Mike is creating Family Meals to make life easier for all stomachs involved! Also, if you do get delivery, be generous with tips if your finances allow it. The people that are dropping off your goods are out there braving it to ensure that you get the things you want and need.
  • Don’t hoard or overbuy essentials and keep donating: First and foremost in keeping others safe and feeling secure, is ensuring that you don’t over-buy or hoard essential items. It’s scary to see empty shelves when you are out of a particular item, but know that most stores across the nation are doing their best to restock within one to two days. If you do end up overbuying, consider donating your extra items instead of storing them. Homeless Shelters and animal shelters (again Paws for Life & Mid Atlantic and Delaware SPCA-Newark) are in dire need of supplies like hand sanitizer and cleaning products, and they could really use the support right now.

  • Be kind: During tense times it can be really hard to see the good in people, but being kind can help bring it to the surface. Most grocery store employees, delivery folks, and medical professionals are slammed and exhausted. Many are trying to balance between playing food and medicine police and doing their jobs. They’re out there, dealing with the public during a really chaotic time. Showing them a little patience and kindness can make a world of difference, so do your best to be kind.

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