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December 11, 2019
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Foolish Food Predictions for 2020 (Even By Our Standards)

Do you remember when Kale was just a garnish for the plate to add a something-something to it? Now, we are baking, frying and even eating salads made of kale. So, it got me thinking. What ridiculous food trends do we have coming at us in 2020? As I started researching, our friends over at Eater had already compiled an entire list and we are 100% here for it. 

According to Eater, “Along with explosively popular trends like plant-based protein burgers and chicken sandwiches, the hive mind seems to universally agree that zero-proof drinking will continue into the new year. Likewise, health halo beverages like boozy kombucha and alcoholic still water are expected to gain even more ground among consumers in the spirit of 2019’s alcoholic seltzers. On the opposite end, some companies such as Uber Eats are predicting the decline of acai, charcoal, seitan, and hummus. Odd, considering many others predicted a rise in Middle Eastern cuisine.”

Without further ado, here are all the food trends we may or may not enjoy in 2020:

If you’re still with me, I LOVE YOU! Tell us what you love on the list and what you are not looking foward to in the comments below.

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